The 2019 #VGKRoadTrip Presented By AAA Wraps Up In St. George!

The 2019 #VGKRoadTrip Presented By AAA Wraps Up In St. George!

A long week on the road came to an end Friday morning in St. George, Utah. The 2019 #VGKRoadTrip presented by AAA made its final stop at J.C. Snow Park this morning with Jonathan Marchessault, Nick Holden and broadcaster Gary Lawless making appearances.

Our staff, players and broadcasters were all so excited to show St. George’s kids what hockey is all about!

No one, and we mean NO ONE, had more fun today than Nick Holden 🤪

Marchy found his mini-me in Utah!

Thanks for hanging with us, St. George!

A big thank you to all the Medieval Maniacs who decided to visit us on the road! Can’t wait to see you all back at The Fortress! 🏰

Chance’s Corner


I can’t believe this was the last day of our road trip! I met so many cool kids and got to see a bunch of cool places! It’s so awesome that Nick Holden AND Jonathan Marchessault got to meet all of my new friends today, too!

I’m very proud of myself for being on my best behavior this trip. I really listened to my friends and made sure i was much better this year! Of course… I still had to have a little fun though 😜

I’m already so excited for next year’s road trip!! But first we’ve got to get back to the fortress to cheer on our guys! GO KNIGHTS GO!!


Golden Knights In Sweden!

Golden Knights In Sweden!

Hey Casper! Day Four of the #VGKRoadTrip

Hey Casper! Day Four of the #VGKRoadTrip