Golden Aces In Training

Golden Aces In Training

The Golden Aces held their first Golden Aces In Training session exclusively for season ticket members’ children ages 6-12. Participants spent a day becoming familiar with how the Golden Aces get ready for a game day and learned different routines.


As the trainee Golden Aces arrived, they received black and gold pom-poms, a limited edition Golden Aces In Training t-shirt and a sparkly gold bow to get ready to move to the beat.


The first routine they learned was the wobble, done throwing your arms back and shaking your pom-poms behind you.


The trainee Golden Aces rehearsed the Baby Shark dance for their next visit to The Fortress so they know exactly what to do next time it plays in the arena.


After the Golden Aces and the trainees were warmed up with some short dances, they next learned motions that will be used in their overall routines they will perform for their parents.

The trainee Golden Aces were divided into groups with their own Golden Ace coaches to start putting those motions together and learning their big routines.


The trainees and Golden Aces then performed for each other with their different routines to then come together and perform the well-known YMCA, but Golden Aces style.

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